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Law Enforcement: N.C. Police Chaplains Told Not To Invoke Christ In Official Prayers

Chaplains offering prayers on behalf of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in North Carolina have been told to stop mentioning Jesus’ name in official invocations.

The policy has been in place for about one month, according to the Charlotte Observer, and it applies to police events such as academy graduations, as well as for promotions and memorials.

Faith In Freedom: Religious Groups Oppose Sectarian Invocations At N.C. Government Meetings

Religious Right groups regularly insist that all devout Americans, especially Christians, must be against the separation of church and state.

As usual, they’re completely off the mark. In fact, many people of faith are among the strongest supporters of church-state separation. And we have a new piece of evidence.

Invocation Infraction: N.C. Commission Votes To Continue Sectarian Prayer

Some residents of Henderson County, N.C., seem determined to fight unnecessary battles.

According to news reports, the Henderson County Commission held a meeting last night to hear from the community and take a final vote on whether its monthly meetings should continue to open with sectarian invocations.