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Around The World: Israeli Soldier Avoids Jail For Ham Sandwich

A U.S.-born member of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) nearly went to prison in May after he brought a ham sandwich prepared by his grandmother to his base.

The IDF keeps kosher on its bases. Meat derived from pigs and shellfish is banned, and soldiers are told not to mix meat and dairy products. The soldier, who has not been named, had been sentenced to 11 days in a military prison for the offense, but an international outcry caused the IDF to reconsider the sentence, reported Religion News Service.

Fischer Foul: Far Right Hate Group Demotes Fringe Radio Host Ahead of Israel Trip

Perhaps you’ve heard of Bryan Fischer who, until recently, held a top spot at the American Family Association (AFA).

In fact, it’s slightly more likely you’ve heard of Fischer than you have his employer, at least by word of mouth. He likes to make an impact and in this endeavor he certainly succeeds. Right Wing Watch reports that just this week, he claimed on his radio broadcast that LGBTQ people have been “taken captive” by Satan himself.