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On International Women’s Day, AU Stands For Equality And Against Discrimination In The Name Of Religion

Today is International Women's Day, and one of the themes this year is the Day Without A Woman strike, which organizers of the Women’s March on Washington suggested to support feminist causes.

Women Who Have Advocated For And Impacted Religious Freedom

Women’s History Month started this week, and we are recognizing the important role that women have played in fighting for the separation of church and state and religious freedom.

Though women have been essential throughout America’s history in separating church and state, their impact is often overlooked.

Women are often discriminated against on the basis of religion and thus an essential part of the population to consider when considering the fight for church state separation.

Remembering Important African-American Figures Who Advocated For Religious Freedom

February marks Black History Month, and our nation’s troubled history of race relations and struggles with racism often overlooks the significant accomplishments that people of color have made to advance our country and society.

Those accomplishments include fighting for religious freedom. When the U.S. Constitution was written, the rights prescribed applied to white men, while African-Americans, women and other marginalized groups later had to fight to amend the constitution for explicit inclusion.

Longing For Liberty: Susan Jacoby's New Book Traces Conversion's Connection To Religious Freedom

Strange Gods: A Secular History Of Conversion by Susan Jacoby, Pantheon Books, 464 pp.

Susan Jacoby, the author of The Age of Unreason, Freethinkers and other books, tackles the thorny subject of religious conversion in her compelling new release from Pantheon Books.

Strange Gods: A Secular History of Conversion critically examines conversion narratives, mostly within the context of Western Christianity, and provides them with historical and cultural context often omitted in other re­tel­lings.

Debunker Of Lies

Editor’s Note: Chris Rodda is senior research director for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and a longtime debunker of Religious Right figure David Barton. Rodda’s new book, Liars for Jesus: The Religious Right’s Alternate Version of American History, Volume 2, has just been released and is available on Ama­ Rodda talked about the book recently with Church & State Editor Rob Boston.


Happy History

It’s May, and for many high school students that means one thing: It’s time to take Advanced Placement (AP) exams.

The barrage of testing is something of a springtime ritual for many high school students across the land. Teenagers take AP exams to prove that they are able to handle the more challenging work they will encounter in college. In some cases, students can earn college credit while still in high school by taking AP courses.

Texas Pseudo-Historian Barton’s Claims Of Big Court Win Questioned

Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton has been boasting recently that he won defamation lawsuits against two Texans and a writer who had accused him of being a racist and a liar respectively. However, it increasingly appears that Barton’s version of events is missing some details.

Okla. Legislators Take Aim At AP High School Courses In American History

Lawmakers in Oklahoma are out to whitewash Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. History courses, and if they succeed the state’s students will pay the price.

The measure, HB 1380, was introduced in February by Rep. Dan Fisher (R-Yukon). If passed, it would end funding for AP U.S. History classes and require the Oklahoma Department of Education to scrutinize the AP curriculum. Although it only addresses history classes, it could be extended to other AP courses if it passes.