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Attacks On Birth Control Access Are Likely To Expand Under Trump

Americans United has worked for decades to protect Americans’ access to effective and affordable birth control, standing up to foes who seek to use religion as an excuse to deny healthcare that is so vital to women and their families. Contraception is crucial to women’s health and equality.

Sex And Common Sense: Texas Public School Reconsiders ‘Chastity’ Speaker

A self-appointed expert on sex and relationships won’t speak at an El Paso, Texas, high school – for now.

Jason Evert runs an outfit called Chastity Project. He is yet another in a seemingly endless parade of speakers who somehow manage to get themselves invited to public schools even though what they have to offer is thin at best and sometimes offensive.

Sex Scandal: Brave W. Va. Student Challenges Inaccurate Sexuality Lecture

Recently I had occasion to talk with Ellery Schempp, the plaintiff in the landmark 1963 school prayer and Bible reading case Abington Township School District v. Schempp. The 50th anniversary of that ruling is in June, and we’ll have a story about the case in the forthcoming May issue of Church & State.