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Mississippi Burning: School Officials Coerced Students Into A Revival Meeting – And Now They’re Being Sued

The Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly that public schools may not impose religion on students, but some school administrators apparently don’t care.

Earlier this week, the Rankin County (Miss.) School District was sued in federal court for sanctioning evangelism during three mandatory assemblies at Northwest Rankin High School in Flowood. Attorneys with the American Humanist Association (AHA) charge that Principal Charles Frazier and other school officials coerced students to attend events that featured a fundamentalist Christian video, proselytizing and prayer.   Read more

Mississippi Misjudgment : Governor Touts ‘Non-denominational’ Prayer In Public Schools

The Supreme Court ruled against government-sponsored prayer in public schools half a century ago, but some politicians still don’t get it.

In a speech to students on Tuesday,  Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant said he fondly remembers organized prayers during his school years and thinks the practice ought to be restored. Read more