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God And Government: A New Book That Trumps The Religious Right

Seeking to escape 24/7 news coverage of Donald Trump, my wife and I recently fled to a local cinema to watch an indie film called “The End of the Tour.”

It’s about the five days that Rolling Stone journalist David Lipsky spent with famous novelist David Foster Wallace at the end of the author’s Midwestern tour for his best-selling novel Infinite Jest. At one bookstore, Wallace asked the proprietor, “Could we just not do Q & A?” When Lipsky looked baffled, Wallace added, “The first question is always the same: Where do you get your ideas?”

Special Book Excerpt: A Little List

Editor’s Note: Americans United Executive Director Barry W. Lynn has just published a new book titled God And Government: Twenty-Five Years of Fighting for Equality, Secularism and Freedom of Conscience (Prometheus Books). The book recounts many of the church-state battles Lynn and Americans United have fought over the past quarter century.