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Fundamentalist Football: Clemson University Coaches Allegedly Proselytized To Team

It seems football players at Clemson University must pass a religious test in order to play for the school’s team.

Clemson, a public school in South Carolina, has been accused of allowing its football coaches to indoctrinate their players in Christianity. Read more

Equal Access For All: Atheist Student Clubs Shouldn’t Be Subject To A Heckler’s Veto

If you have any contact with a public high school, you probably know that students can form an array of clubs that meet during non-instructional time.

My son, who is in 10th grade, reports a dizzying list of student-run clubs at his school, covering every possible interest. Along with some friends, my son joined the anime club and was for a time involved in a “duct tape club.” (Don’t ask.)

There are also many religious clubs at the school. Jewish students have a club, as do Muslim students. There are several Christian clubs.

How can this be? It’s a public school. Read more

Christmas Stories: All Too Often, Religious Right Tales Of Holiday Horror Don’t Add Up

Earlier this week, published a column by Religious Right attorney Kelly Shackelford accusing Americans United and other groups of ignoring the allegedly overwhelming evidence that there is a “war on Christmas.”

In his column, Shackelford mentioned several incidents that he insists are proof of this war. Let’s take a closer look at them, shall we? Read more

Friday Night Liturgy: Many High School Football Coaches Push Prayer On Players

It’s no secret that faith is a big part of football in certain regions of the United States, but a Tennessee newspaper has just shed some light on the extent to which prayer is intertwined with many public school football programs.

In a poll conducted by the Chattanooga Times Free Press, all 32 coaches at public schools in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia who responded to the survey identify as Christian and said they support team prayer in some form. Read more

Safety Check: Woman Praying On N.H. School Steps Without Permission Could Have Put Students At Risk

Imagine if a stranger showed up at your son or daughter’s school every day and tried to address the students as they entered the door.

Would you be concerned? Most parents I know definitely would be. That’s why most schools simply don’t allow this sort of thing. If you don’t have legitimate business at the school, you have no right to be there. Read more

Skiing With Jesus?: Federal Judge Says Religious Statue Can Remain On Public Land In Montana

When is a statue of Jesus Christ on publicly owned land an example of non-religious, private speech? When a federal judge says so.

This week, U.S. District Court Judge Dana Christensen bizarrely said a statue of Jesus that sits atop federal land on Big Mountain in Whitefish, Mont., can remain there because the statue does not necessarily convey religious meaning.    Read more

Commandments Kerfuffle: Brave Oklahoma Student Fights For Equality At Public School

Many people today are content to criticize anonymously, happily hiding behind the veil that the Internet offers. That’s why it’s so remarkable that one Oklahoma  student chose to reveal his identity after complaining about Ten Commandments displays in his public high school.

Every single classroom in the Muldrow, Okla., school district has a Commandments plaque on the wall. That didn’t sit well with Gage Pulliam, so he decided to do something about it. Read more

Michigan City Wins Legal Fight Over Nativity Display

The City of Warren, Mich., has won the right to exclude an anti-religion sign from a holiday display in the center of town.

In February, a federal appeals court said city officials did not violate the Constitution when they allowed a display of reindeer, snowmen and a Nativity scene on public property, while refusing to include a sign bearing an anti-religious message. Read more

Picture Imperfect: Ohio School District Defies Request To Remove Portrait Of Jesus

A portrait of Jesus above the entrance to an Ohio public school doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation recently asked that the print be removed from Jackson Middle School in Jackson, Ohio, because it represents an unconstitutional government promotion of Christianity. Read more

Banner Blowhards: Texas Governor’s Cheers Are Not For The First Amendment

The situation in Kountze, Texas, home of a band of public school cheerleaders brandishing Bible-verse banners, is rapidly deteriorating. Loud-mouthed politicians who hate church-state separation have just lumbered into the fray. Things can only go downhill from here. Read more