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Monkeying Around: Tenn. Governor Refuses To Confront Unconstitutional Creationism Bill

Recently a bill reached the desk of Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam that would encourage public school teachers to discuss the alleged “controversy” over evolution and offer them legal protection if they teach creationist concepts.

Haslam indicated that he opposed the so-called “monkey bill,” but he refused to veto it. Instead, he allowed it to become law without his signature.

Trouble In Tennessee: Gov. Haslam, Please Stand Up For The Constitution And Veto These Bad Bills

The wall of separation between church and state is under tremendous fire in Tennessee, and we are asking Gov. Bill Haslam to help us defend it.

The state legislature has passed three measures that undermine religious liberty in public schools, and they are now sitting on the governor’s desk. One promotes creationist concepts in science classes, another allows teachers to participate in student-led religious activities and a third allows Ten Commandments displays at public schools and other public buildings.

Released Time For Creationism?: Alabama Bill Has Sectarian Genesis

The Supreme Court has been pretty consistent in saying that public schools may not sponsor prayer, Bible reading and other religious activities.

There is, however, a legal loophole. In a 1952 decision called Zorach v. Clauson, the high court permitted a scheme whereby public schools can allow students to leave school during the day for religious instruction elsewhere. It’s known as “released time.”

Creationism Kicked: Indiana Bill Killed Over Fears Of Costly Litigation

Ding, dong, the bill is dead, the creationism bill is dead!

Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma has decided to table legislation that would have mandated the teaching of “creation science” in public schools. The bill had passed the Indiana Senate, albeit with a modification requiring the teaching of other theories on the origins of life on Earth from several religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Scientology.  

Devan’s Dilemma: When Bothered By Church-State Violations, Call Americans United

Whenever we debate a church-state issue like religion in public schools or the use of sectarian prayers before government meetings, we must always remember there is a human face behind every one of these controversies.

Someone’s rights are being violated. Someone is being treated like a second-class citizen. Someone is being singled out because of what he or she believes about theology.

Evolution Weekend – In Church!: Clergy Letter Project Shows Science And Religion Can Get Along

A group of religious leaders is working to dispel that idea that religion and science don’t get along.

Evolution Weekend is sponsored by the Clergy Letter Project, which seeks to inform the public that numerous clergy of multiple denominations support the teaching of evolution. To date, the project has gathered more than 13,000 signatures in support of sound science.