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Happy Constitution Day, Sheila!: Enjoy Your Religious Freedom – But Defend It

Back in the 1980s, sociologist Robert Bellah noted a trend among religious believers. Many were observing some of the tenets of their chosen faiths but rejecting doctrines and practices they didn’t agree with or didn’t find useful.

In his book, Habits of the Heart, he showcases a woman named Sheila. Read more

Extreme Makeover: Religious Right And Its Political Allies Call For Redrafting Our Founding Document

Friday is Constitution Day. As national holidays go, it’s no Thanksgiving. Many Americans don’t even know about it; few will attend events to mark the day. Read more

Happy Constitution Day!: America's Governing Document Safeguards Our Freedom

Today is Constitution Day, a day to remember that on Sept. 17, 1787, 39 men signed a document that promised Americans certain rights and freedoms.

One of those freedoms, of course, is the freedom of religion and the founders' promise to keep government separate from religion. When I was reading the news from other parts of the world today, I was reminded just how lucky we are.

In Dubai earlier this week, two people were heavily fined for drinking juice in public. It is illegal to publicly eat or drink in the daytime during the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. Read more