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Frightening Five: Religious Right Legal Group Singles Out ‘Dangerous Enemies’ Of Christianity – And Guess Who Made The List?

On Friday a Religious Right legal group called the Liberty Institute published an article titled “5 Dangerous Enemies Against Your Christian Faith” on the site Charisma News.

Americans United made the top five! There we are, right alongside American Atheists, the American Humanist Association, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Freedom From Religion Foundation. (Sounds like good company to me –and don’t be sad that we’re number four; the list is alphabetical.)

Good News From Greece: Atheist Invocation Goes Off Without A Hitch

Last night, an atheist offered a secular invocation before a meeting of the Greece, N.Y., Town Board.

The ground did not open up and send the town of Greece hurling into the bowels of hell. No one was struck by lightning. In fact, all that happened is that the members of the town board and those attending the event heard a thoughtful invocation delivered by local resident Dan Courtney.