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Fatuous ‘Fortnight’: Bishops’ Crusade Is About Power, Not Religious Freedom

What exactly is the Catholic hierarchy up to? Are the bishops genuinely concerned about religious freedom or are they engaging in a partisan power play?

Today is the first day of the so-called “Fortnight for Freedom,” a prelate project supposedly intended to rally parishioners against an alleged Obama administration assault on religious freedom.

Cardinal Mistake: Bishops’ Conference President Hectors Church Members To Go Political

It’s still hard for me to believe that in light of the sluggish economic recovery, ongoing worries over jobs and mounting home foreclosures that most Americans are interested in a protracted discussion over access to contraceptives.

Yet here we are. The issue simply will not go away, chiefly because some misguided clergy won’t let it die.

Religion Over Rights?: Kansas Bill Would Let ‘Religious Freedom’ Curb Civil Liberties

If Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and Lt. Gov. Jeff Coyler get their way, it will be legal to discriminate against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons in the state – as long as you do it in the name of religion.

A Lawrence, Kan., ordinance that offers broader protections against discrimination than state laws, prevents outright forms of bias. But a bill being considered by the Kansas House of Representatives, HB 2260, would overturn that ordinance.