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Atrocious Amendment: Alabama’s Anti-Sharia Ballot Measure Is Unnecessary, Unconstitutional

Next month, Alabama voters will have an opportunity to weigh in on Amendment One, which would add a provision to the state constitution that ostensibly attempts to ban Islamic, or Sharia, law. It’s hardly the first bill of its kind. Last year, state legislatures in Florida, Missouri, North Carolina and Oklahoma debated similar measures; Missouri’s bill never made it past the governor’s desk. In the other states, the bills were limited to family law.

Praying For Power: Alabama Officials Ask God To Protect State’s Coal Interests

Some regulatory officials in Alabama are taking issue with an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposal intended to reduce carbon emissions at coal-fired power plants, and they want the EPA to back off because they say their state’s coal deposits are no less than a gift from God.  

Silence Is Golden: Ala. School Board Opens Meetings With Moment Of Reflection – For Now

The Hoover, Ala., School Board recently reinstated an old pre-meeting prayer policy, but it’s not as bad as you might think.

I know, I know. This is Alabama – home of “Ten Commandments judge” Roy Moore who thinks the First Amendment only applies to Christians.

Cops For Christ?: New Ala. Program Seeks To Fight Crime With Police-Backed Evangelical Proselytism

A new police program in Montgomery, Ala., is raising serious constitutional concerns.

The Atlantic reports that city police, who are facing what has been described as the worst crime wave in decades, have devised a novel solution to the problem: “Operation Good Shepherd.” It ran all summer and involved training local Christian ministers, preparing them to visit crime scenes right alongside working police officers.

Prayer And The Power Company: Alabama Official Stands By Controversial Invocation Before Regulatory Meeting

A controversy over prayer is brewing in Alabama, and for once some state residents believe a public official may have gone too far with a display of official piety.

Yesterday, Twinkle Cavanaugh, the elected president of the Alabama Public Service Commission, said she stands by a prayer that was delivered last month at a service commission meeting, despite a poll taken by the news site that found 79 percent of voters think it wasn’t appropriate in that context.

Alabama House OKs Employer Birth Control Exemption


The Alabama House of Representatives has approved a bill that would exempt some religious employers from offering employee health insurance plans that include free birth control.

HB 108, the so-called “Religious Liberties Act of 2013,” passed 67-28. It would exempt “religiously motivated employers,” which are defined as church-affiliated or “any entity that has 10 or less shareholders, members, or partners who have religious beliefs which oppose contraceptive or abortifacient drugs, devices, or methods.”

Decalogue Déjà Vu?: Alabama ‘Commandments Judge’ Says Legal System Comes From Bible

Disgraced Judge Roy Moore has been back on the Alabama bench less than one week, and he is already giving church-state separation supporters reason to worry.

Moore was sworn in last Friday as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, a post he held from 2001 until 2003, when he was removed from his position for defying a court order and ignoring the Constitution.