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Aledo, TX

WallBuilders was founded by David Barton, a former Christian school teacher in Texas who has carved out a lucrative niche for himself by promoting the idea that the United States was founded to be a “Christian nation.”

Named by Time magazine as one of the most 25 influential evangelicals, Barton uses WallBuilders, which has both for-profit and non-profit arms, to attack mainstream history, insisting that church-state separation was not the intention of our Founders.

Wallbuilders publishes and distributes a number of Barton’s books and videos that Barton says promote accurate history, although mainstream historians have scored his work and pointed out that he has no credentials as a historian. Nevertheless, Barton’s pseudo-documentaries often appear on public access and Christian television, and he gives speeches and seminars around the country.

Barton, a former vice president of the Texas Republican Party, has worked with GOP leaders in Washington to give “spiritual tours” of the nation’s capital.

Wallbuilders also operates a ProFamily Legislative Network that monitors bills in state legislatures, provides sample legislation and organizes conferences for right-wing legislators. Barton takes the standard Religious Right stances against church-state separation, religious neutrality in the public schools, reproductive rights and gay rights. In 2007, he even questioned global warming during testimony in Congress, claiming to represent the evangelical perspective.

Barton Quote: “As a note of interest, while the phrase ‘separation of church and state’ is not found in the United States Constitution, it is found in another prominent document – the Constitution of the former Soviet Union.” (The Myth of Separation, 3rd edition, 1992)

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