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Church & State
June 2007 Church & State

Back To The Future?

Religious Right Activists At ‘Assembly 2007’ Seek To Roll Back Church-State Relations 400 Years And Make America A Christian Nation

February 2006 Church & State

Middle East Offensive

TV Preacher Pat Robertson Draws Worldwide Scorn For Comments On Ailing Israeli Prime Minister

October 2005 Church & State

God’s Hit Man?

Religious Broadcaster Calls For United States To ‘Take Out’ Venezuelan President

November 2002 Church & State

Pat Gets Paid

TV Preacher Robertson Gets 'Faith-Based' Grant From Bush Administration

January 2002 Church & State

Monsters, Inc.

TV Preacher Pat Robertson And Liberian Dictator Charles Taylor Are Going For The Gold Together

January 2002 Church & State

Robertson Resigns!

A Decade After Creating A Religious Right Political Machine, TV Preacher Pat Robertson Walks Away From The Christian Coalition

October 2001 Church & State

Backlash To Bigotry

In The Wake Of National Tragedy, Falwell And Robertson Repulse America By Blaming terrorist Attacks On Church-State Separation And Its Advocates