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James Dobson, a child psychologist and author, founded Focus on the Family (FOF) in 1977 to combat what he saw as rising permissiveness in American society.

Raised in the strict Church of the Nazarene, Dobson came to public attention though his book Dare to Discipline, which encouraged the use of corporal punishment at a time when many child-rearing experts were moving away from it. Through daily radio broadcasts, Dobson’s popularity grew rapidly among evangelicals, and he built FOF into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

In recent years, Dobson has intervened more directly in partisan politics, forming Focus on the Family Action and issuing personal endorsements of conservative candidates in political races.  Dobson opposes church-state separation, reproductive choice and gay rights. In November of 2006, he told CNN’s Larry King, “The separation of church and state is not in the Constitution. No, it’s not. That is not in the Constitution.”

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