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Founded by Religious Right warhorse Phyllis Schlafly, the Eagle Forum originally focused on opposing communism and the Equal Rights Amendment. In later years, the group branched out and adopted other Religious Right views.

The Eagle Forum and its subsidiaries, the Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund and the Eagle Forum Political Action Committee, are far-right pressure groups founded in 1972 by attorney Phyllis Schlafly to “lead the pro-family movement.”

Schlafly liked to portray herself in the media as an average housewife. In fact, she had long been active in right-wing politics. She worked on the Barry Goldwater campaign in 1964 and authored tomes warning of the communist menace.

When the Equal Right Amendment began to gain stream, Schlafly began traveling the country full time warning women that their true duty was the stay home and raise children. Feminism, Schlafly warned, would lead to things like unisex bathrooms, a military draft for women and government-run day care centers. When the ERA was defeated, the Eagle Forum moved on to other issues, such as opposing sex education and “humanism” in public schools. 

Schlafly Quote: “Government schools are every day defining the culture of the nation our children will live in, by inculcating the values of diversity, multiculturalism, American guilt, situation ethics, and easy acceptance of sex outside of marriage. There is no proof that the American people have democratically chosen this definition of our culture. It is being done with the power of government employees spending the people’s money.” (“Phyllis Schlafly Report,” December 2006)

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