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Founded in 1990, the Discovery Institute is a conservative outfit that advocates “intelligent design” (ID), the latest variant of creationism. The Discovery Institute opposes Darwinian evolution and argues that mainstream science excludes the possibility of an intelligent “designer” as the driving force behind human origins. (The Institute has no plausible candidates for this “designer” other than God.) The Institute’s founder and president, Bruce Chapman, is a former director of the U.S. Census Bureau. He later served as deputy assistant to the president and director of White House Office of Planning and Evaluation under President Ronald Reagan from 1983-85.

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Church & State
October 2006 Church & State

Not In Our Classrooms!

Leading Science Educator Explains Why ‘Intelligent Design’ Is Wrong For Our Schools

November 2003 Church & State

Devious Design

In Texas And Other States, The Discovery Institute And Its Allies Are Trying To Sneak Religion Into Public School Science Classes

May 2002 Church & State

Insidious Design

Disguising Dogma As Science, Religious Right Activists Have Created A New Scheme To Wedge Religion Into Public Schools