AU stops graduation prayer - White Hall, AR

A high school was opening its graduation ceremonies with prayer. The prayer was formally listed in the graduation program and the prayer-giver was formally introduced by a member of the school administration. AU wrote to the school district to explain that the inclusion of prayer at public-school graduations is unconstitutional. The district responded and agreed to stop the practice.

Noah’s Ark playground equipment removed - Columbia, MO

A government-owned playground had equipment that told the story of Noah’s Ark in pictures and words. AU wrote to the Parks and Recreation Department to explain that the display violated the separation of church and state. The Department agreed to remove the display.

City no longer sponsoring trip to religious play - Washington Township, NJ

City officials were sponsoring a trip by the government-run senior center to see a religious holiday play. AU wrote to the city to explain that the city’s sponsorship of this trip violated the separation of church and state. The city agreed and has ended its sponsorship of the trip.

City sponsorship of Catholic Mass ended after AU complaint - St. Augustine, FL

AU received a complaint that the City of St. Augustine, as part of its 450th anniversary celebration, was listed as sponsoring a religious processional and Catholic Mass. We wrote to the City to explain that such sponsorship was unconstitutional. The City agreed and assured us that listing the City as a sponsor of those events was a mistake and that the events were wholly private and received no government support.

Fireman’s Prayer removed from government website - San Antonio, TX

The San Antonio Fire Department’s web page displayed a religious “Fireman’s Prayer.” AU wrote to the Department to explain that it is unconstitutional for a government agency to post a prayer on its website. The Department removed the prayer.