Sep 19, 2011
Date Resolved

Several people contacted AU to complain about a modesty fashion show co-sponsored by the Kimberly Area School District and Pure Freedom, an Evangelical Christian organization that aims to “equip men and women . . . to experience a vibrant, passionate marriage which portrays the love Christ has for his Bride the church.” The program, entitled “Secret Keeper Girl — The Bod Squad Tour,” was geared toward schoolgirls in grades three through six, and included a faith-based message as well as performances by Christian musicians. In a letter to the District, AU explained that the District’s co-sponsorship of the religiously themed event violated the Establishment Clause. After receiving AU’s letter, the District’s counsel informed AU that the District would revoke approval for the event to take place at a District school, remove all advertising for the event from District schools, and send a note to parents and students disclaiming any association with the event.