Sep 19, 2011
Date Resolved

AU received a complaint that a keyboarding teacher at a Cobb County Middle School made several proselytizing comments to eighth-grade students and appeared to be tailoring her curriculum to comport with her religious views. During a lesson about online predators, for example, the teacher told students that, “according to the Bible, homosexuality is against God’s wishes.” She also informed students that, “the Bible says that one should not mark one’s body with tattoos,” and that she “did not understand why [some] people did not go to church.” AU wrote a letter to the school’s principal and the Cobb County superintendent asking them to put a stop to the teacher’s religious statements in class and to re-evaluate her curricular choices. In response to AU’s letter, the District conducted an inquiry and addressed AU’s concerns. District officials appeared very concerned by the teacher’s actions and indicated that they would like to be informed of any recurrence. Our complainant tells us that the teacher has ceased making religious remarks to students.