Jul 08, 2020

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision in Trump v. Pa./Little Sister of the Poor v. Pa., Americans United for Separation of Church and State President and CEO Rachel Laser released the following statement:

“Today the Supreme Court put its stamp of approval on the Trump administration’s exploitation of religious freedom at the expense of birth control coverage for workers, students and their families. It’s 2020: We should not have to say again that birth control is essential to people’s health and equality. Religious freedom includes the right to believe as you see fit, not to impose your beliefs on or discriminate against others. The government must not play favorites and allow particular religious beliefs that reject birth control to justify denying countless women and LGBTQ people access. 

“Our government should be protecting the health of America’s workers and students, not putting them at risk and calling it religious freedom. But the Trump administration’s rules mean that women, LGBTQ people, people of color, low-wage workers and others already facing inequities in health care can be denied birth control access simply because their company or university claims religious or moral objections.”

“We know this won’t be the end of President Trump’s crusade against reproductive freedom or religious freedom. His administration will continue to corrupt the principle of religious freedom to justify the denial of health care, employment and government services to millions of vulnerable people. That’s why Congress must act to prevent this administration from implementing policies that harm people and violate America’s core values of freedom and equality.

“Americans United will continue to fight for real religious freedom for all, representing people who are denied their rights by those who use religion to exclude, discriminate and coerce.”

Americans United is a religious freedom advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1947, AU educates Americans about the importance of church-state separation in safeguarding religious freedom. Learn more at www.au.org.