Dec 15, 2017

A federal court in Pennsylvania today issued an order temporarily blocking implementation of Trump administration rules that allow employers and universities to restrict employees’ and students’ access to birth control by citing religious or moral objections.

Americans United is litigating a similar legal challenge to the Trump regulations.

Kelly Percival, an attorney with Americans United, issued the following statement:

“A federal judge in Pennsylvania has wisely blocked discriminatory rules issued by the Trump administration that would allow any employer or university to deny their employees and students health-insurance coverage for contraception. The judge recognized what we at AU have said from the beginning: These rules are illegal and will harm countless women. We will continue to fight them because religion should never be used as an excuse to harm others.”

Americans United is litigating its case, Shiraef v. Hargan, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana with the National Women’s Law Center and Dentons, a global law firm. More information about it can be found here