Partisan Politicking By Tax-Exempt Churches Is Not Constitutionally Protected, AU Tells Court

Churches do not have a constitutional right to endorse political candidates and still keep their federal tax exemption, according to Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

In a brief filed with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Oct. 26, Americans United argued that the free exercise clause of the First Amendment does not entitle churches to do partisan politicking while maintaining tax-exempt status.

Tx. Court Can't Determine Which Churches Are 'Main Line,' Says AU

Partisan Politicking Corrupts Churches, Speakers Warn

A Texas judge violated the First Amendment when he ruled that a divorced woman could not take her child to a predominantly gay Christian church because the congregation is not "main line," says Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Ohio School Voucher Program Resumes Temporarily

Pat Robertson Group Slipped Through Legal Loophole, Watchdog Group Charges

A federal judge's decision to temporarily allow Cleveland's controversial religious school voucher program to resume operation does not mean the plan is constitutional, says Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

U.S. District Judge Solomon Oliver Jr. on Aug. 24 issued an injunction blocking the Cleveland program, saying the plan was likely to be struck down on constitutional grounds. Three days later, he issued a stay temporarily suspending the injunction and allowing 3,800 students taking part in the program to continue.

AU Hails Federal Court Ruling Blocking Ohio School Voucher Plan

Religious Leader Approves Of Sending 'Squads' To 'Take Out' Foreign Leaders

A federal judge today issued an injunction blocking implementation of Cleveland's religious school voucher program. Americans United hailed the decision as a victory for Ohio taxpayers and religious freedom.

"This decision brings the school voucher train to a screeching halt," said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United. "This is the second federal court to rule against vouchers in the past three months. Voucher supporters need to realize that the law is not on their side.

AU Warns Kansas Board Of Education On Anti-Evolution Science Education Standards

Proposed Science Curriculum Could Spark Lawsuit, Says Church-State Watchdog Group

Americans United for Separation of Church and State has contacted the Kansas Board of Education to express its concern that the proposed science education standards being considered may reflect a "pro-creationist perspective."

The board will vote tomorrow on altering the statewide science curriculum for K-12 to remove virtually every reference to evolutionary biology and related concepts also accepted throughout the scientific community, including natural selection and common ancestral backgrounds.

Robertson Urges Assassinations As Part Of U.S. Foreign Policy

TV preacher and Christian Coalition President Pat Robertson has called for a change in U.S. foreign policy to include assassination of foreign leaders.

On today's episode of his nationally televised "700 Club," the religious broadcaster explained his views that assassinations and first-strike military attacks are "practical" strategies.

Court Verdict On Christian Coalition Is Disappointing, But Not Surprising, Says AU

But Shutdown Likely In Long Run, Says Americans United

A federal court ruling on the Christian Coalition's political activities is disappointing, but not surprising, says Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Americans United says the decision confirms the partisan character of the Christian Coalition even though it failed to punish most of the group's partisan politicking.

Pat Robertson's Regent University Denied Tax-exempt Bonds By Virginia Court

Richmond, Va. — A Virginia court ruled Friday that TV preacher Pat Robertson's Regent University is "pervasively sectarian" and therefore ineligible for the $55 million in bonds the school had requested.

In a legal challenge filed by Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the group successfully argued that Robertson's graduate school is infused with sectarian bias and thus does not qualify for state aid through bonds or other means.