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The Religious Right and its allies work continually to turn the American people against church-state separation. A large part of their strategy is to spread misinformation about the history of church-state separation and how it has been interpreted by the courts. This page examines some of these common attacks and sets the record straight.

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March 2015 Church & State

Fundamentally Extreme

How A Series Of Pamphlets Led To The Evolution Of The Religious Right In America

February 2015 Church & State

Myths Debunked

Religious Right Activists Love To Spread False Information About The Separation Of Church And State. Here Are Ten Rebuttals:

February 2015 Church & State

Good Reads

Books That Support Church-State Separation

November 2014 Church & State

Erasing Separation

In Texas And Other States, Religious Right Activists Want To Replace James Madison With Moses

November 2014 Church & State

VVS At The Nadir Of The Summit

Annual Religious Right Confab Showcases Eerie Extremism, Sectarian Supremacism And Partisan Politics

September 2014 Church & State

Fortress Of Freedom

Why All Americans, Religious Or Not, Benefit From A High And Firm Wall Between Church And State