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The separation of church and state protects Americans from being compelled to pay taxes to support religion. No American should be forced to support religion against his or her will. Nevertheless, government policies sometimes have this effect. This category includes examples of government financial support for religion outside of the school arena.

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March 2016 Church & State

Shredding The First Amendment?

Religious Right Groups Hope A Dispute Over Recycled Tires In Missouri Will Blow A Hole In The Wall Of Separation Between Church And State

December 2015 Church & State

Bogus Battle

Religious Right Claims Of A ‘War On Christmas’ Are Thinner Than Cheap Wrapping Paper

May 2015 Church & State

Time For An Intervention

Americans United's Legal Team Steps Up To Oppose Ky. Creationist Ministry's Effort To Raid The Public Purse

October 2014 Church & State

Rough Sailing

In Kentucky, A Creationist Theme Park Stays Afloat On A Sea Of Taxpayer Support