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The First Amendment guarantees the free exercise of religion. While the exact boundaries of this right can be difficult to draw, at a minimum it means Americans have the right to join the religious groups of their choice and worship unmolested by the government. Free exercise, however, is not a cover for otherwise illegal activities. Religious beliefs should not be used to prevent public accommodation for government and/or government funded services, and do not constitute a right to disobey laws protecting others from discrimination and abuse.

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October 2015 Church & State

Discrimination Denounced

Americans United Joins A Broad Coalition Telling The White House It's Time To End Hiring Bias In The 'Faith-Based' Initiative

October 2015 Church & State

Contemptuous Clerks

In Kentucky, Local Officials Are Breaking The Law Rather Than Allow Same-Sex Couples To Marry

September 2015 Church & State

Protecting Thy Neighbor

New Americans United Project Aims To Reclaim Religious Liberty From Zealots Of The Religious Right