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Marriage is a civil agreement that couples often choose to solemnize with a service in a house of worship. Attempts to prevent marriage opportunities for same-sex couples are often based on religious rationales – the Bible says it’s wrong, papal dictates condemn it, etc. In a nation with a secular government, such arguments must fail. Laws should not be based on religious tenets, and the rights of individuals should not be curbed because of religious dogma. At the same time, no church can be compelled to sanction or perform a union not in agreement with their dogma and/or scripture.

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September 2015 Church & State

Protecting Thy Neighbor

New Americans United Project Aims To Reclaim Religious Liberty From Zealots Of The Religious Right

September 2015 Church & State

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Courtroom Clash

Supreme Court Takes Up Issues Of Same-Sex Marriage In Historic Argument

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Left Behind

The Growing Battle Over Religious 'Refusals'—And How Americans United Plans To Respond

June 2015 Church & State

Same-Sex Scare Tactics: No, Churches Won’t Be Forced To Marry Gays

None of the Religious Right’s arguments against marriage equality are particularly strong, but some are much worse than others. Here’s the weakest one: Clergy will be forced to officiate at same-sex weddings. The far right has been shopping this one aro