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America’s founders crafted a constitution that separated church and state. They believed this was the best mechanism for protecting the rights of all. Their efforts have paid off handsomely. The United States enjoys unprecedented levels of religious liberty, expanding pluralism and a high degree of inter-faith harmony. None of this would have been possible without the wisdom of our founders. Despite this record of success, opponents of church-state separation are trying to rewrite American history to promote their ideas of an officially “Christian nation.” This section debunks these discredited claims and provides sound historical materials.

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April 2014 Church & State

Faux Founders

An Ambitious Band Of Religious Right Activists Has Hatched A Bold Scheme To Rewrite The Constitution More To Their Liking

February 2014 Church & State

States Of Confusion

Across The Country, Legislators Are Preposing Bills That Would Violate Separation Of Church And State

September 2013 Church & State

It Can't Happen Here?

New Novel Explores Imposition Of A 'Christian Nation' On America

July/August 2013 Church & State

A Founder's Foresight

Father Of The Constitution James MAdison Had Some Important Things To Say About Government-Sponsored Prayer. Will The Supreme Court Listen?

July/August 2013 Church & State

Charter for Change

350 Years Ago, King Charles II Approved Roger Williams' 'Lively Experiment' In Religious Freedom - And Altered The Course Of Church-State History