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Religious groups, not government, should erect and sponsor religious displays. Religious symbols such as crosses, menorahs and crèches belong on private property, not the shared space of government. In some cases, government land may be used by private groups as a type of free-speech zone, and religious groups might choose to erect religious symbols at their own expense. If this happens, all groups (religious and non-religious) should have access to the space with none receiving special treatment. All messages should be heard in this space, even those that are deemed controversial.

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October 2015 Church & State

Pugnacious Plaintiff

An Interview With Southern Baptist Minister Bruce Prescott, Who Successfully Challenged Government Display Of The Ten Commandments In Oklahoma

October 2015 Church & State

Ten Myths About The Ten Commandments

Religious Right Groups Hold Strong Beliefs About The Decalogue, But It Turns Out That Much Of What They Know Just Isn't So