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The Bible, Torah, Koran and other religious texts may be used in public schools as part of an objective program of study. Classes such as the Bible in literature or World Religions are legal as long as the approach is fair and no one religion is elevated over others. When offering these classes, public school officials must take care to ensure that teachers are properly trained and that they do not use the class as an excuse to indoctrinate students in any faith.

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February 2014 Church & State

States Of Confusion

Across The Country, Legislators Are Preposing Bills That Would Violate Separation Of Church And State

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Religion Ruse

Despite A Half Century Of Supreme Court Rulings, States Are Still Looking For Ways To Sneak Prayer And Bible Reading Into Public Schools

May 2013 Church & State

Ellery's Epic Exploit

How A 16-Year-Old Pennsylvania Boy And His Family Won An Important Church-State Victory At The Supreme Court 50 Years Ago