Sinclair v. San Jose Unified School District

Last modified 2022.04.28

  • Status Ongoing
  • Type Counsel
  • Court U.S. District Court
  • Issues Discrimination in Name of Religion, LGBTQ Rights, Religious Discrimination in Schools

Case Documents

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Pioneer High School in San Jose, California, had a policy requiring all student leaders to sign a “Statement of Faith” and a “Sexual Purity” statement. Those statements, which required students to acknowledge that sexual acts between same-sex couples were sinful and that same-sex couples could not form a valid marriage, violated the school district’s policy against discrimination because it effectively barred LGBTQ students from club leadership.

When the school district, recognizing that the statements violated its policy, didn’t allow the Fellowship to be listed as an official school club, the Fellowship sued the district. Americans United began representing the district in the summer of 2021.

On May 12, 2022, the Court held a hearing to decide whether the Fellowship student chapter is entitled to an order that requires the school district to recognize the club for the upcoming school year. On June 1, 2022, the court held that the student chapter is not entitled to that relief at this time.


The Supreme Court just gutted decades of precedent by stripping away public school students’ religious freedom rights.

This is the greatest loss of religious freedom in generations. Help us fight back!