Abortion Access

No One Should Be Denied Birth Control Because of Someone Else’s Religious Beliefs

Birth control is critical health care. It protects people’s health and helps them plan their families. It allows people to participate in the workforce and pursue an education. Some types of birth control are also used to treat common medical conditions. That’s why the Affordable Care Act ensures that most health insurance plans cover birth control with no co-pay.

But religious extremists and their lawmaker allies want employers and universities to be able to use religion to deny workers and students access to birth control, even when the institutions do not have to provide access directly. Our government should be protecting America’s workers and students, not denying them access to birth control and putting their health at risk.

What You Should Know

Birth control benefits

Because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), nearly 61.4 million people gained insurance coverage for birth control. President Biden promised to revoke Trump-era rules that allow employers and universities to use religion to deny many workers and students the coverage to which they are entitled.

Helping Notre Dame students regain access

AU is in court on behalf of University of Notre Dame students who lost access to birth control because of Trump administration rules and an unlawful, backroom deal the government made with the university.

People of all faiths use birth control

99% of people in the United States who identify as religious have used contraceptives such as the birth control pill, IUDs, and condoms.

For Nex and all 2SLGBTQ+ students in Oklahoma

Remove Ryan Walters

We are calling for the Oklahoma Legislature to immediately remove Ryan Walters from his position as Oklahoma Superintendent and to begin an investigation into the Oklahoma Department of Education’s policies that have led to a the rampant harassment of 2SLGBTQ+ students.

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