Religious and Racial Equality

Non-theist, Atheist, Humanist: You’ve Got Rights

The fastest-growing “religion” in the U.S. isn’t a religion at all: it’s people who do not affiliate with any religious tradition. Whether atheist or humanist or just rejecting specific religious labels, members of this group of “nones” now comprise as much as 25% of the U.S. population.

Americans United has fought for the rights of secular people since our founding in 1947. Why? Because America is not a Christian country and it does not espouse a “Judeo-Christian tradition.” The government cannot force anyone to engage in religious activities, they shouldn’t tax you to pay for the private religious education of others, and events like the National Prayer Breakfast run counter to our founding as a secular nation.

What You Should Know

Allies Against Discrimination

Americans United represents people of all religions and none. We work alongside organizations like the Secular Student Alliance and American Atheists in litigation, including a pending case challenging a Trump administration rule that requires public colleges and universities to exempt religious student clubs from nondiscrimination provisions that apply to all officially recognized or school-funded student clubs.

Starting the (Tax-Funded) Meeting

Religious leaders are often invited to give invocations before government meetings. Yet people who want to offer non-religious statements are sometimes denied. Public high school students have been told they can’t form atheist clubs even though Christian clubs are meeting. AU fights in court against this kind of discrimination to ensure that non-religious Americans have the same rights as religious ones.

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We’re pledging to keep church and state separate. Join us.

Church-state separation is the foundation of religious freedom in the United States, protecting many of our most fundamental rights: LGBTQ equality, reproductive freedom, inclusive public education, and more. Now, those freedoms are under threat. Join our movement and pledge to uphold church-state separation.