Upstate South Carolina Chapter Quarterly Meeting - November 17

Address: 1 Coffee Street, Greenville, SC, 29601
Host chapter: 

Upstate SC Chapter of Americans United
Quarterly Chapter Meeting

Saturday, November 17, 2012
2:00 pm--4:00 pm

Coffee Underground
1 Coffee Street
Greenville, SC 29601
Free Parking is  only a short walk away at the Richardson Garage

Our Speaker: Rev. Lawrence Webb
"Separation of Church and State: Where did this concept come from?
Where are we now?  Where is it likely to go?"

Rev. Lawrence Webb, a retired Baptist minister and college professor, will talk about the concept
of church-state separation from the early Anabaptists and later the Baptist when they came into
existence in the U.S. out of concern for a free church without intervention from the government or
the established church.   Rev. Webb   will   give us an understanding of the thinking of Roger
Williams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and then give us his ideas on where church-state
separation is now and in the future.  Should be an interesting talk. Hope you can join us.

Our meetings are free and open to the public

Please call or email Rick Hahnenberg, Chapter President with
any questions at 864-574-6086 or