IUCC Adult Education Forum


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Choose from 2 sessions: Noon-1:30pm (Bring your own lunch) or 7:30 -9:00pm

PRESENTER:  Stephanie Campbell, President OC Americans United

This presentation will cover a variety of issues and events that have supported the separation of church and state.  Included in the discussion will be Supreme Court cases relating to education, concerns in our schools over intelligent design, and issues still reverberating in California over Proposition 8.  All of these issues are closely tied to the separation of church and state and an emphasis will be on the critical decisions made by the Court and how these impact all of us.

 Stephanie Campbell is a naturalized U.S. citizen, born in England, and spent part of her childhood in Israel.  Having lived in three countries, two with an established religion and one with freedom of religion, she is committed to the guarantees of religious freedom in our First Amendment based on personal experience and principle. Ms. Campbell is the president and a founding member of the Orange County Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.  She is also a member of the National Advisory Council of Americans United.  She is very active in church/state separation issues at the local level in issues of keeping religion out of the schools and city councils and on the national level where she has lobbied our California Senators on a variety of issues including Supreme Court nominations. Ms. Campbell is a certified ACLU speaker on Church and State issues and also speaks on women’s issues and gay rights issues.


Information and Registration:Bil Aulenbach(949) 240-2933bilaulenbach@yahoo.com

Located at:Irvine United Congregational ChurchLecture in Plumer Hall4915 Alton Pkwy.Irvine 92604