Parent or The Public: Who Holds Schools Accountable?

Parent or The Public: Who Holds Schools Accountable?: A Debate


Please join Maggie Garrett, AU's VP of Public Policy, and other speakers for a debate co-hosted by PPI, the 74 and Bellwether Partners. Moderated by Andy Rotherham, Bellwether Partners, in our hour together speakers will answer the questions:

  • How can we best hold schools accountable for their performance?
  • Should we leave it up to parents — give them a choice of schools and let them desert the lousy schools?
  • Should government (states and districts) take the lead in holding schools that receive public funds accountable?

Featured speakers include:

  • David Osborne, PPI
  • Derrell Bradford, 50CAN
  • Kathleen Mangu-Ward, Reason Foundation
  • Maggie Garrett, Americans United for Separation of Church and State