Greater Phoenix Chapter event with Mikey Weinstein - November 11


Americans United for Separation of Church & State - Greater Phoenix Chapter & the Arizona Foundation for Contemporary Theology are pleased to announce a very special Veteran’s Day presentation by Mikey Weinstein, Founder & President of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. He will address “Religious Extremism in the U.S. Military: Dangers & Implications”.  Mr. Weinstein was the national Americans United organization ‘Person of the Year for 2011” and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize five times. 

If you haven’t been following the stories of how evangelical fundamentalists have infiltrated the U.S. Military, here are some of the bizarre issues:

  • A $600+ million dollar contract that produced U.S. Military weapons inscribed with quotes from the Bible.
  • “Spiritual Fitness Tests” that label non-religious solders unfit for duty and thus passed over for pay increases & promotions.
  • The positioning of the military as Christian Soldiers conducting a ‘Holy War’ against the Muslims.
  • The training course for nuclear missile launch officers that uses Bible passages & religious imagery to teach the ethics of war.

Reality is truly stranger than fictionPlease join us for this very special Veteran’s Day event on November 11th @ 2:00PM at the Cedar’s Club, 1702 E. Northern Ave., Phoenix. The event is free & open to the public. Following the program, we’ll have a no-host Meet-N-Greet with Mr. Weinstein. Please be sure to invite your friends & family who are current & former military. There will be security at the event so please leave large bags, backpacks, etc. in your car. Please join us to hear about this important issue!

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