The Greater Los Angeles Chapter presentsAttorney & Author David Niose on"The Rise of Secular Americans in the U.S."Friday, August 10, at 7:00 PM in Santa MonicaQuestions?  Contact AU.LosAngeles@gmail.com  David Niose, attorney, author of the popular Psychology Today blog, "Our Humanity, Naturally." and president of the American Humanist Association, will be speaking in Santa Monica on Friday, August 10 on his new book, Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans. The number of Americans which identify as secular, atheist, agnostic, or simply non-religious has steadily risen over the past two decades from less than 5% in 1990 to 19% in 2012, representing the fastest-growing religious demographic in the US and the second-largest religious demographic after Catholics.  David argues that much of that growth has been fueled as a response to the rising power of the religious Christian right in this country. In his presentation, David will discuss the various secular groups now forming across America in opposition to that force, including their political goals, lobbying efforts, legal strategies, and outreach through advertising and education, and what they are intending to do to make the secular voice a gamechanger in American politics. David will be speaking Friday, August 10 at 7pm at the Yahoo Center Community Room (Colorado Center), 2500 Broadway, in Santa Monica. The event is co-sponsored with the Humanist Association of Los Angeles and the Southern California Community of Reason.  This event is free and open to the public. Questions?  Contact Stuart Beckman at AU.LosAngeles@gmail.com