Tell Congress: protect religious freedom for all

Religious beliefs should never be used to harm others – but all too often they are. 

Religious extremists and their lawmaker allies are determined to misuse religious freedom as a license to force everyone else to live by their beliefs. But you can help stop them.

Congress needs to hear from as many voices as possible that religious freedom should be a shield to protect the rights of everyone, not a sword to harm others. 

Tell your representatives to protect religious freedom and oppose any legislation that attempts to misuse it to license discrimination.

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Give the Gift of Religious Freedom and #BeAShield

Democracy, equality, and freedom all depend on the separation of church and state—and they’re all under attack by a billion-dollar shadow network of religious extremists and their political allies.

To fight their deep pockets, we need you with us! And for the next 36 hours, your tax-deductible gift will have twice the impact!

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