We Defeated Vouchers in Congress–Now, Follow Up With Your Member of Congress About Their Vote!

On March 24, Congress voted overwhelmingly (311-113) to defeat a private school voucher proposal by Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), which would have effectively created a new nationwide school voucher program and gutted funding for our most disadvantaged public schools.

Thanks to you, Congress heard us loud and clear: We don’t want private school vouchers! We want to keep public funds in public schools!  This vote was a huge victory for public education, and a blow to attempts to funnel public funds to private, religious schools through vouchers.

Use this quick and easy form to thank your member of Congress if they voted to reject vouchers. If they voted in favor of vouchers, you’ll be prompted to send a message expressing your disapproval. (You don’t need to know how your member voted – based on your zip code, the form will give you the right message to send). We need your help to keep up the pressure so that Congress knows we want them to reject all voucher proposals, today and in the future.

If you weren’t prompted to send a message, your representative didn’t vote. We’re sorry, and we hope you’ll take action on another issue in our action center.

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