No one at public schools should feel pressured to participate in religious activities

Whether you’re a student or a faculty member, public schools are supposed to be inclusive and should not promote religion or compel anyone to take part in religious activities.

Share your story with Americans United and help us protect everyone’s First Amendment rights. 

  • Share a story about a time you felt pressured as a public school student to participate in religious activities or felt alienated because of your religion.
  • As a public school coach or educator, tell us how you have created a safe environment for all students regardless of their religion – so no one feels they have to “pray to play.”

The facts in the Supreme Court case Kennedy v. Bremerton School District are clear: High school players felt pressured to join their coach’s public prayers at the 50-yard line at public high school football games. Our country’s foundational principle of church-state separation means that no one should ever have to choose between their religious freedom and being part of the team. 

  • Did your public school teachers or coaches lead you in prayer in the classroom or on the field?
  • Have you ever felt discriminated against at your public school because of your religion?
  • Were there teachers who assigned Bible readings or taught religious tenets like creationism during science, history or health classes?
  • Did your public school invite faith leaders to speak at assemblies or include prayers during graduations, sporting events or morning announcements?

Please share your story with us!

Where I grew up there simply was no separation of church and state. In fact, I can’t remember a school day that didn’t begin with our teacher leading the class in prayer. And there was nothing 'voluntary' about it. Amy Couch, AU member

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