Why should I make a planned gift to AU?

For more than sixty years, Americans United for Separation of Church and State has been fighting to safeguard the precious First Amendment rights of all Americans. You can help Americans United ensure the future of this critical legacy by joining The Jefferson Circle, the society of members across the nation who have established planned gifts with AU.

Although there are many definitions of planned giving, this is a simple one: a planned gift is any gift other than an outright gift of cash, chosen from a menu of specific “vehicles,” with a financial benefit both to Americans United and to you.

Examples include a bequest, a charitable remainder trust, a charitable gift annuity and a beneficiary designation of an insurance policy or IRA. Keep in mind that since Americans United is a tax-exempt organization, there are many tax benefits to gifts of this nature. There are also other financial benefits. Links to additional information on gift types and benefits can be found in the sidebar for your reference.

We can provide no-cost information and guidance on any aspect of planned giving by email, telephone or through a personal visit. We also encourage you to contact your own advisors and others whom you trust about your wishes and your plans.

Since the founding of The Jefferson Circle in commemoration of Americans United’s 50th Anniversary, we have welcomed hundreds of generous members to this important group. Membership includes: special publications, technical assistance and the satisfaction of helping to secure the future of the church-state wall.

If you have already provided for AU in your estate plans, in your will or by other arrangements, please let us know by completing the intention form below.

This form is confidential and non-binding.

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Thank you! By knowing of your generous intentions, Americans United can better plan for its future.