The goal of Amendment 8 is to allow taxpayer money to flow to religious schools and houses of worship. Passage of the Amendment would strip the religious freedom protections currently enshrined in the Florida Constitution, thus allowing for direct funding of religious organizations that provide faith-based social services and opening the door to taxpayer funded vouchers for religious schools.

Begin the conversation in your community about the impact that the passage of Amendment 8 would have on religious liberty in Florida.  See below for some important talking points.

  • Amendment 8 is misleading – indeed, it is intended to mislead.  It is titled “religious freedom,” but it doesn’t protect religious liberty.  Instead, it strips our current religious freedom protections from the Florida Constitution. With the problems of political cronyism currently permeating Tallahassee, why would we want to let Florida politicians decide which religious groups should get our taxpayer money? 
  • It is not true, as supporters claim, that under the current Florida constitution the government can’t partner with faith-based groups to perform social services.  Just look around and you can see that these partnerships are happening in Florida every day.  But, Amendment 8 would strip all the safeguards that currently exist in these partnerships and require that taxpayer dollars be used to fund religious programs. 
  • Religious organizations are already provided hundreds of tax breaks, exemptions, and accommodations.  Why should Florida taxpayers pass a constitutional amendment to guarantee these groups additional—and potentially unlimited—funding?  The Amendment is especially troubling because the funds will be provided with no oversight and accountability. 
  • Amendment 8 would open the door to private school vouchers, which divert your tax dollars from neighborhood public schools to religious organizations and the schools they operate.