Here are six ways you can proactively help AU defend separation of church and state in the turning-point months that lie ahead:

  • Keep a close eye on developments in your state and community and let AU know if there are problems.

  • Defend the separation of church and state in a letter to your local paper, on a blog or in other forums.

  • Get involved locally.

  • Support your public schools and libraries.

  • Speak out against the fundamentalist zealots who want to “Christianize” our government.

  • Make a donation to help AU keep the wall of separation of church and state safe.


The reelection of President Barack Obama has infuriated the Religious Right.

These groups spent millions on so-called “get out the vote” campaigns, attack ads and efforts to politicize churches all with the aim of putting Mitt Romney in the White House.

It didn’t work — and now they’re fighting mad.

President Obama will face extraordinary and unrelenting pressure from the Religious Right and its allies in the Roman Catholic hierarchy.  They will launch an unrelenting campaign to demand that the president and progressive members of Congress “compromise” and give them what they want.

It’s up to Americans United to make sure there is no compromise on church-state separation and our core freedoms!

The battle over access to birth control is certain to heat up again, as the Catholic bishops and their Religious Right pals lobby Congress and file a slew of lawsuits to restrict Americans’ reproductive rights, including access to contraceptives.  AU must respond to this onslaught and set the record straight about why the bishops’ “religious freedom” argument is bogus.

The “faith-based” initiative is certain to resurface, as congressional ultra-conservatives work overtime to divert as many of your tax dollars as they can to sectarian ministries that discriminate in hiring and care more about converting people than helping them.  And the Catholic hierarchy is demanding — in court and in Congress — that the federal government fund its ministries even if those ministries refuse to deliver the services the public interest requires!  It’s an outrage. Americans United will need to be there to stand up for you and your rights.

The direction of the U.S. Supreme Court hangs in the balance, and AU must make sure when a vacancy occurs that Obama’s nominees are strong defenders of the church-state wall and that the Senate confirmation process is thorough and fair.

Our First Amendment erects a wall of separation between church and state for a reason — to ensure religious and philosophical liberty for everyone.

Yet we at Americans United know that we’re dealing with a movement whose members believe God has ordained them to tell the rest of us how to live.  And, despite the November results, they aren’t going away!

Please make a generous contribution to provide the funding Americans United urgently needs to fight the critical battles for church-state separation that lie ahead.