Fla. School Board Rejects Parent’s Call For Banning Books

A Florida school board has turned away a mother’s request that 80 books dealing with topics offensive to her religious beliefs be yanked from two high schools’ libraries.

In July, Laura Lopez, a mother of two teenagers, urged the Palm Beach County School Board to remove the books, which mention homosexuality, atheism or abortion, from two of the county’s high schools. The Palm Beach Post reported that two school committees and Superintendent Art Johnson denied Lopez’s request and that the school board voted unanimously to back their decisions.

At a sparsely attended school board meeting, Lopez said that the books promoted an array of sins and should not be available to students. The newspaper reported that Lopez conceded that she had not read any of the books she had objected to. Lopez also complained to the board about the public schools’ curricula.

“They’re teaching kids the Big Bang,” Lopez told the board, according to The Post. “They’re teaching kids lies. The world was created 6,000 years ago. In my son’s elementary school book, it says the world was created several million years ago.”

Lopez told reporters after the meeting that she would launch a petition drive and seek the help of a Christian law group to force school officials to meet her demands.