October 2015 Church & State | AU Bulletin

Officials at the Creek County, Okla., jail hosted a baptismal service for 100 inmates in August. Volunteer chaplain David Toliver organized the event as part of the Creek County Jail Ministry.

“I can’t change their lives, I can only tell them about Jesus and how he can change their lives,” Toliver told a local television station, KOTV. “We know that if they take this and march forward with it that they can be a different person.”

Jail personnel supported the baptism, describing it as a positive activity for the inmates. “In 2005, when the jail was first built, the church ministry has actually buried Bibles on all four corners of the building here,” said Detention Services coordinator Kelly Birch. 

“Most of them will have a prayer circle before they get locked down in their cells at night,” he added.

KOTV reported that Creek County Sheriff John Davis applauded the event and told press he hopes the ministry will schedule another in the future.