November 2011 Church & State | AU Bulletin

Christian rapper “B-SHOC” performed at a South Carolina public school on Sept. 1, drawing the ire of church-state separationists.

The Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) is protesting the event, which took place at an assembly held during regular school hours at New Heights Middle School in Jefferson, S.C. The group said B-SHOC’s performance was part of a Christian-themed rally.

“They [usually] speak about [a secular issue at a rally like this], then they invite the kids to an evening pizza event at their local church,” FFRF attorney Rebecca Markert said, according to an Oct. 3 article in The Huffington Post. “But this is the most blatant event I’ve seen, an assembly held during the school day.”

Not everyone shared the concerns of the FFRF. Rodney Nicholson, pastor of High Point Baptist Church in Pageland, S.C., wrote on New Heights Middle School’s Facebook page that he “cannot understand for the life of me why some are making such a big case out of this!” according to The Post. He also said on Facebook that “those who did not wish to attend had an alternative option!” though he did not say what that option was.

A spokesman for the school district that oversees New Heights Middle School said “The District has begun to look into the situation,” according to the Associated Press. The spokesman acknowledged that there had been multiple complaints about the incident.