March 2007 Church & State | AU Bulletin

The Kansas State Board of Education has rescinded science standards that reflected creationist criticism of evolution.

In a 6-4 vote Feb. 13, the board approved new standards that treat evolution as the foundation of modern biology. A coalition of Democrats and moderate Republicans supported the change in policy.

The action was the culmination of a heated political battle during elections in 2006. Advocates of “intelligent design” creationism lost their majority on the board after the state faced national ridicule for its anti-evolution stance.

According to the Associated Press, the long-running conflict over the issue may not be over.

“I think we’re good for two years,” observed board member Janet Waugh. “Who knows what the election will hold in two years?”

Meanwhile, over 500 congregations around the world observed Evolution Sunday on Feb. 11. The event was held to demonstrate that science and religion can be compatible.