January 2014 Church & State | AU Bulletin

Steve Green, the controversial president of Hobby Lobby, is promoting a proposal to bring a Bible elective to Oklahoma public high schools.

The curriculum, authored by Green himself, would examine the Bible’s influence on society and provide introductions to the Old and New Testaments. Three advanced courses would analyze the Bible’s history and its broader impact on world culture.

Green introduced the curriculum to the Mustang, Okla., school board at the invitation of its superintendent, Sean McDaniel.

 Parents voiced support for the proposal. One told KOCO-TV, “It’s up to my child. She goes to church and if she wants to take it in school, I think it’s fine. I don’t have no problem with it at all.”

The proposal comes as Green takes his fight against the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate to the U.S. Supreme Court. Green, a fundamentalist Christian, is arguing that it would violate his religious beliefs to provide his employees with access to private insurance coverage for contraceptives.

 Green is also known to have deep ties to fringe fundamentalist preacher Bill Gothard. Gothard believes that all disease is spiritually based and runs a system of juvenile homes plagued by consistent allegations of abuse and neglect.

 The school board will meet again this month to discuss the proposal.