January 2012 Church & State | AU Bulletin

A state-run committee in Azerbaijan that oversees religion said nearly 400 texts were not appropriate for distribution within the country in 2010.

Hidayat Orujov, who heads the State Committee for Work With Religious Organizations, told 1news.az that the committee reviewed 18,502 items in 2010 of which there were 344,863 copies circulating in the country.

“The analysis deemed 348 books inappropriate for distribution in the country, 19,178 copies of which had been brought in.” Orujov said, according to News.az.

Orujov also said that through September of 2011 the committee had reviewed 15,051 items and deemed 47 of them, of which there were 5,242 copies, “inappropriate for dissemination,” according to News.az.

All religious literature must be approved by the state in Azerbaijan.